After dealing with wordpress for 3 months, I come down to realize how crappy it is, a great example on what a project can become without a leader.

Free? Nope.

Wordpress is free but it costs something more than money, you sacrifice security, you are treated like a consumer not a user. “How?” you might ask, well because of ads. Even some extnesions that seem to do quite a normal functionality are constantly bugging you to buy the pro version, and the devs haven’t implemented simple features like site export, import, reset etc… The most basic right you can have.

it is Slow AF

Being slow is not something new, anything asociated with PHP will automatically get this feature for free. (Not that PHP is bad though, but wordpress is not optimized enough). A simple optimization and security testing is something every dev should do which is part of users RIGHTS, unless you are providing it as a beta and in a small scale form.

Plugins, Plugins and Plugins!

This is mentioned earlier but for some basic things you will need a plugin, like resetting your site. Which I don’t think is a good idea since 3rd party plugins can easily take advantage of my sites work, sniff data among other things. (DUH! which happened a ton of times.)

Open-source Morals

Why didn’t I write this as Open source rules? because it doesn’t contradict any. Morally open source projects should allow direct access of everything and take money for support or premium plans if you wish and not poke it into your eye everytime you install a plugin or a demo theme. This is not on devs but rather on the community.


As a felow smol web dev, I will still recommend it for small sites that don’t need extensions that much, but for anything beyond that avoiding it seems the best solution. Joomla! was fine when I tried it but still lacks certain key parts mentioned above. Mainly security and speed.

I’m interested on how web devs at MIT and other unis come up with content managment solutions on their website, MIT had no signs of CMS on it’s site, some other US colleges had drupal in their keywords but many didn’t contain anything at all.