I don’t know if anyone is reading this but here goes nothing, 2020 was such an odd year (I guess for everyone). first of all, got my diploma in an odd state, after being informed at march that due to the severeness of this virus giving exams is almost impossible I was worried about the state of my education, also hearing that IB students gave no exams and got horrible results from IB representatives with their academic performance (somewhat randomized since everyone put effort on studying for finals rather than research topics) , it was tougher for us since the Iranian education ministry is more strict and offers no value for off-site exams and the Dubai Knowledge and Development Authority does not allow on-site exams (because they were responsible for students, totaly understandable).

Oh and is someone confusing why Dubai and the Iranian ministry are mentioned here, it’s because I study in an Iranian school which is certified by both ministries, so they have to comply with both but it’s good for us since we get 2 diplomas, 1 from Iranian ministry and 1 from Dubai knowledge Authority. You have 2 pass two extra courses to get the Dubai one, Islamic and UAE social studies. (UAE is a federal government, so each state has it’s own education system.)

Then after a long 2 months, the UAE’s ministry of education gave permission for the exams to be carried out but in a very protective manner, no public transportation should be used for students, parents should come and pick us up, social distancing, mask + shields and so on. No one was ready for this, and exams were crammed so it would end asap. (it was so horrible that we had 1 day to study physics.)

Anyways I got done with that and got my report card in july aaand I missed my deadline for college application, usually it would have ended by the end of August but covid said screw you! My average was 97% , kinda okay since I expected my exams to be harder.

-to be continued